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Amphawa the floting market

When sun is a little higher and almost reaches its zenith, many merchants and villagers gradually paddle their boats containing various goods along the canal. Visitors can also catch a boat and visit a floating market place and experience the traditional Thai lifestyle at Amphawa Floating Market. There are luscious local foods such as rice noodles with curry, Thai desserts and sweets, grilled fresh seafood and many other delicacies. When the day is done and the night has fallen, one of the popular activities for tourists is firefly watching from a boat. Thousands of fireflies sparkling above the surface of the river is a very romantic scene.

CHIANG MAI : Northern specialities

The cuisine of Thailand varies distinctively from region to region. Most of the better known Thai foods come from the central plains, the area that surrounds Bangkok. As with its art, language and heritage, Chiang Mai food is distinct from its adjacent areas to the south and east. The The signature dish of Chiang Mai is undoubtedly Khao Soi, a mild yellow curry soup that is as much a symbol of the region as the distinctive architecture of the region. Khao Soi, usually made with gai (chicken), is a rich and savoury broth filled with soft thin noodles and topped with crunchy Chinese egg noodles that are crushed into the soup, providing a toothsome texture.

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