The beauty of noodles is that they are easy to cook, fun to eat and fast to prepare. This basic mix of flour (depending on the type of noodle) and salt (with or without egg) is popular internationally.

Non Instant Bean Vermicelli
Bean Vermicelli (Glass Noodles) also called Woon Sen in Thai, is made from mung bean flour.  Bean Vermicelli is classified as a Low Glycemic Diet. They have a firmer texture than the rice noodles once softened. These noodles are a favourite ingredient for soups...
Instant Cup Noodles Beef Flavour
Instant Cup Noodles Chicken Flavour
Instant Cup Noodles Curry Flavour
Thai Rice Noodles (10mm)
The health and convenience of rice noodles are becoming known internationally, not just in Asia.  This category of foods is fast growing worldwide and the benefits are clearly shown in the Thai-Choice labels. 

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