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Our Thai-Choice premium Coconut Milk makes an excellent non-dairy substitute in recipes using milk or cream. And of course, it is the perfect ingredient for Thai and all Asian dishes.

Coconut Milk Powder
Thai-Choice? Instant Coconut Milk Powder is hygienically prepared from fresh coconut milk and is ready for use almost instantly. Just add warm water to the powder and you will get rich and creamy coconut milk ready for your favourite dishes 
Coconut Milk Lite (5-7% Fat)
Traditional Thai cooking uses coconut milk as an essential ingredient. Our Thai-Choice Lite Coconut Milk is easy on the calories and still full on flavour for all your cooking needs.
Coconut Milk (17-19% Fat)
Traditional Thai cooking uses coconut milk as one of the major ingredients and can be used in place of regular cream for a distinctly unique flavour.
Coconut Cream Lite (15-16% Fat)
Coconut Cream Lite is also rich and creamy with vegetable fat content of 15% to 16%.
Coconut Cream (20-22% Fat)
Coconut Cream is from the first pressing of the coconut and is a rich and creamy product with the highest content of vegetables fat of 20% to 22%.

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