Salad Dressings
Tangy Thai Traditional Salad Dressing (Nam Yum Sauce)
This salad dressing originates in the northeast part of Thailand and has it characteristic zest. Mildly spicy, savoury and sweet all at the same time. This is a perfect counterpoint for any tomato and green salad.
Lemongrass Salad Dressing
Created from lemongrass and other authentic Thai ingredients, this salad dressing with citrus aroma delights your taste buds. It has the perfect balance of light and refreshing flavours that adds a new dimension to your favourite salads.
Thai Salad Dressing (Som Tum Sauce)
In a land where vegetables and fruits grow in abundance, it is natural that Thai cuisine also contains a wide variety of salads. One of the most popular Thai salads is "Som Tum". Now you can enjoy this same popular taste with Thai-ChoiceSom Tum Salad Dressing.

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