Pastes, Minced Spices & Herbs

Thai cooking is an art form and like an artist's color palate, the Thai chef uses spices, herbs and seasonings to create his master piece. It is the blend and contrasting flavors of the spices that make each Thai dish unique.

Minced Lemongrass
An aromatic herb that is used in curry pastes, stir-fried dishes and soups. It has a long pale green stalk and bulbous end similar to a spring onion. It possesses the fragrant lemon taste without its tart character.
Minced Sweet Basil Leaf
Commonly known in Thailand as Bai Horapa. It has a clove-like taste and purple reddish tinged leaves. Its flavour is reminiscent of aniseed. It has a great affinty with tomatoes and blends well with Thai noodles dishes.
Yellow Curry Paste
Thai-Choice Yellow Curry Paste is a savoury and flavourful blend of herbs and spices featuring turmeric as a principal ingredient. This is one of the favourite dishes of Thai people enjoyed throughout the land. 
Tom Yum Paste
Tom Yum Soup is the most famous of all Thai soups. The paste is made with all natural ingredients and used to make Tom Yum soups from scratch. Tom Yum has a truly unique combination of  tastes including spicy, lemony and a hint of  natural herbal sweetness. 
Thai Roasted Chilli Paste (Chilli Jam Paste)
Much of the appeal of Thai cuisine is derived from seosonnings which are very much part of Thai cooking. One of the most popular seasonings is Thai roasted Chilli Paste or Chilli Jam. It is an essential ingredient in the making of Thailand?s most famous offering ? T...

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