Cook-In Sauces (Simmer Sauces)
Yellow Curry Cook-In Sauce w/Potatoes
One of Thailand's popular curries is Yellow Curry. With its distinctive blend of natural herbs and spices featuring turmeric as a principle ingredient that produces a wonderfully aromatic and rich curry sauce to which one can add meat, chicken or fish
Satay Sauce
A creamy peanut sauce that is favourite among the Thais. Served alongside grilled skewers of chicken, prawns and beef, it is a perfect traditional Thai snack. Thai-Choice Satay Sauce is also perfect as a dipping sauce for chips or vegetables platters, and as salad dressing.
Green Curry Cook-In Sauce w/Baby Corn and Green Peas
Green Curry is a savoury combination of sweet, creamy and spicy. The herbs give this dish natural sweetness and fragrance. The mild hot flavour comes from the famous Thai Chillies. 
Satay Cook-In Sauce
A creamy peanut sauce that is a favourite among the Thais.Served alongside grilled skewers of curry marinated pork, chicken, prawns and beef (Satay), it is a perfect traditional Thai snack. 
Red Curry Cook-In Sauce w/Pineapple
Red Curry is very popular mealtime dish of the Thais.  A combination of spices and chilli  gives the curry its aromatic and spicy flavour. The coconut milk give the dish its deliciously wonderful creamy taste.

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