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Mango Jam
Mangos are a delicious and extraordinarily healthful tropical fruit, craved by all who have tasted them.  There are many varieties of mangos grown throughout the tropical world but the varieties from Thailand are certainly among the best.  Mangos are rich in vitamins A and C, ric...
Pineapple Jam
Pineapple is a favourite fruit that can be served alone or used in cooking. With its sweet tangy flavour it is a great compliment to many delicious Thai dishes and desserts. 
Papaya Lemon Jam
The lush tropical papaya fruit has a beautiful colour and nutritional attributes.  It has a delicious and unique taste with a creamy texture.  It is a popular dehydrated fruit treat eaten on its own or with other fruits and nuts in cereals.
Palm Sugar
Thai-Choice Palm Sugar is made from the sap of palm trees that is boiled until it becomes thick.  It then hardens when cooled.  It has great taste of sugar and the rich flavours of caramel and butterscotch.  It is used as ingredients in many Thai rec...
Bamboo Chopsticks

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